The Terme Sensoriali spa

The Terme Sensoriali spa in Chianciano Terme is a thermal temple ‚Äč‚Äčthat integrates modern architectural style with wellness technology and the tradition of Natural and Ayurvedic Medicine in a single building, immersed in the picturesque setting of the Parco Acqua Santa of Chianciano Terme, within walking distance of Hotel Mizar.

The Terme Sensoriali spa (1,300 square metres) offers various experiences divided into specific routes depending on individual needs.
Move, relax, focus or free your mind in the well laid out environment of the Terme Sensoriali spa, which allows you to balance and revitalise all your senses.

At the Terme Sensoriali spa in Chianciano Terme, "classic" treatments and spa experiences (such as baths, mud baths but also mineral water drinking treatments) combine the principles of Eastern philosophy, according to which pleasant and multiple sensory experiences are interpreted in terms of rebalancing our energy and chakras.

Energy imbalances are at the root of many disorders, discomfort and pathologies: trying to rebalance them allows us to recover our wellbeing by stimulating the five elements and five senses, also with customised treatments.

The Five Elements at the basis of everything are Sky, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.
According to Ayurvedic philosophy, in the beginning, the world was pure consciousness without matter, then vibrations gave birth to the most subtle element, Sky, which, by moving, created Air.
By rubbing together, these two elements generated heat, thus Fire was born.
Fire dissolved several substances, which gave life to Water, thanks to which other elements were able to cool down and create Earth.