The waters of Chianciano surface from four different types of springs; each of the four springs is surrounded by a fully-equipped spa facility.

The spring of the Acquasanta water is located in a wonderful, wide and very ancient forest. The water surfaces at a temperature of 33°C and it is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. It is advisable to continue the therapy for at least 12 days, according to the directions given by your doctor. It is highly beneficial in case of liver and bile system pathologies, such as dyspepsia of gastrointestinal or biliary origin, biliary calculosis, and after surgery to the bile ducts, as well as in case of prolonged drug therapies. Drinking this water causes contractions of the gall bladder, which empties thus pushing the bile into the intestines. This stimulates the production of bile and helps its outflow, it also strengthens the enterophatic circulation of bile acids. The result is a considerable improvement of liver and bile functions, digestion, absorption of fats and elimination of harmful substances. Therefore, the Acquasanta water has the ability to clear the body of toxins, which is nowadays seen as a fundamental function in the medical field.

Acqua Fucoli
The cold mineral water called Acqua Fucoli is a complement to Acquasanta, it is drunk in the afternoon and it is particularly suited to those with gastrointestinal and biliary conditions. It surfaces in a park by the same name, which is connected to the Acquasanta Park. It is most beneficial in the afternoon, when the digestive process is completed, and it causes an increase in the quantity of bile, thus favoring its outflow. It is particularly suitable for the regularization of intestinal movements, it activates the diuresis and it exerts an anti-inflammatory action on the gastroduodenal mucosa.

Acqua Sillene
Acqua Sillene has a temperature of 38.5°C and it is used for the carbogaseous balneotherapy as well as for the preparation of thermal muds. It is effective when treating cardiovascular problems and often included in health and wellbeing programs. Letting yourself be wrapped in the warm and welcoming embrace of a toning bath or a therapeutic mud bath is the best remedy to effectively boost your blood circulation. Acqua Sillene is beneficial to the circulatory system, thanks to its chemical and physical characteristics and to its ideal temperatureTreatments with “Acqua Sillene” are administered by means of bath and mud bath therapies (the mud is made up of clay which is “matured” by commixture in Thermal Waters and heated to a temperature of around 48° C). An innovative range of natural thermal cosmetics has recently been created using the water flowing from the Sillene spring, whose beneficial properties are preserved thoroughly intact.

The water flowing from the fourth spring, Sant'Elena, is diuretic and suited in case of kidney stones, metabolic disorders and urinary system problems.The “Sant'Elena” water is always easily tolerated, it increases the diuresis, depurates the body from toxins, and both during and after a specific therapy it stimulates the discharge of kidney stones and of their traces, also preventing their reforming. It relieves acute and chronic inflammations of the urinary system and regularizes the abnormal metabolism of uric acid. It is particularly suited in case of gastrointestinal dyspepsia and related disorders (heartburn, spasms, etc.), it stimulates the digestive functions, and it is an ideal complement to physical and sporting activities. The Sant'Elena water can be drunk either at its natural temperature, or warm, or hot, in the morning on an empty stomach. Each of the four springs is surrounded by a fully-equipped spa facility.